Four Questions with David Rubin


David grew up in St. Louis. His grandmother, Sylvia Fredman, was an NHBZ Eishet Chayil! David sometimes lead services at NHBZ in the ’80s and ’90s. When David was 54 and single, he was at the Kotel. For the first time, he prayed for himself – for a wife and son. One year later, he returned to the Kotel with Norma and Yitzchak and put in a new prayer, Baruch Atah Hashem Shomayah T’Filah! (Blessed are You, Hashem, who hears our prayers.)


The Questions:

1. Who is your favorite Torah personality and why?
A. Joseph, because he knew that Hashem had a plan for him and never lost hope. Thrown into a pit by his own brothers and later, forgotten in a dungeon for years, any of us would lose hope. But, Joseph always believed – and he was right!

2. What is your favorite snack food?
A. Ice Cream – My father’s mother owned a corner candy store in NE Philadelphia with a “soda fountain”, and my father was the “soda jerk”. He used to make us ice cream sodas (chocolate, of course!).

3. What are three words you use to describe yourself?
A. Always Be Grateful. When we came up from the basement and found our house destroyed by a tornado, but we were safe, the first thing we Rubins said, was “Baruch Hashem”.

4. What inspires you?
A: My beautiful wife Norma, is my inspiration. Despite some tragic things that have happened in her past, she is always happy and always positive. She greets every person with a smile on her face, and that keeps me smiling too.

Thank you, David! Let’s see who we get to meet next week!

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