Four Questions with Fran Alper


A native St. Louisan and a member of NHBZ since 1978, Fran is married to Lenny Alper. They
have two adult daughters, Caryn and Joanna, both in St. Louis.



The Questions:

1. Who is your favorite Torah personality and why?
A. “I chose a favorite couple because one person can become stronger, kinder, more righteous, and more effective when united and completed as a couple. This is exemplified, for me, by Abraham and Sarah – patriarch and matriarch to the three major monotheistic religions – who together reshaped the world and our mission in it.”

2. What is your favorite snack food?
A. “Almonds, popcorn, ice cream.”

3. What are three words you use to describe yourself?
A. “Grateful, Resourceful, Judicious.” 

4. What inspires you?
A: “Almost everything! My husband, our children. My parents and grandparents. I’m
inspired by Possibility… by the history of the Jewish People… by knowledge and
understanding of the world… and by the person who invented air conditioning.” 

Thank you, Fran! Not just for playing “The Four Questions,” but also for your ongoing support
for our Shul!


Fran Alper single-handedly designs and creates the Sisterhood Scoop every week! From the graphics to the informational content to the jokes – Fran puts it together! And that’s not all! She also makes many of our flyers, helps proofread and offers layout and design improvements! She… DOES IT ALL!

We take this opportunity to share our appreciation with Fran for all her hard work which makes us look so good! ❤️

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