Four Questions with Irwin Fredman


“My wife Arlene and I have been married for over 57 years. We have been members of Nusach Hari for over 50 years. I write poetry now and then, and I read at least 100 books a year!”

Irwin Fredman


The Four Questions:

1. Who is your favorite Torah personality and why?
A. “Pinchas/Eliyahu because he, like me, was a Cohain. He cared about the Jewish people and rumor has it, he lived forever.”

2. What is your favorite snack food?
A. “Hot fudge sundae.”

3. What are three words you use to describe yourself?
A. “Friendly, honest and tenacious.” 

4. What inspires you?
A: “My grandkids!” 

Thank you, Irwin! 100 books a year?!? WOW.

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