Perry Mendelson

The late Perry Mendelson was a long-time active member of NHBZ and brother to our past Executive Director, Sandy Abrams. Perry was an avid Torah Learner and participated in the Daf Yomi program for decades. He was also a teacher at many of our programs.

It is only fitting that we dedicate Seder (Order) Kadshim from our new Talmud, in memory of Perry (Dov) Mendelson.

The dedication is $3,600 and we are asking you to participate in this wonderful double Mitzvah, memorializing a friend and dedicating a set of Holy Books. Please send your donations to NHBZ or email us at office@nhbz.org, stating how much you would like to donate and provide your call back number.

Tizku L’mitzvot


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