Special Gifts Campaign

Good Shabbos.

The world is beginning to reopen. The Shul has reopened. Especially now, these are times when people need connections. We need you back and active. There is no greater place than our Shul for people to find meaning, to find family, and to share with friends. The leadership of the Shul has rightly decided that the future of Nusach Hari B’nai Zion hinges upon our ability to bring in young members and to attract young families with children. That is the thrust of our Special Gifts Campaign.

Many of you have already made a pledge to this important effort. I am reaching out again seeking your participation in this critical project. We hired Rabbi Okin, who has now established himself in the community and has become an important part of NHBZ. The funds raised in the campaign will be directed to cover the costs of additional children’s, young singles and family programming that the Shul will now offer to all our members. As you may be aware, Rav Okin has already begun many of these activities. As outlined last year, we are looking for commitments for each of the next three years.

The Campaign will run from now through the end of July, culminating with a celebration early in August. While we are planning a PHONE-A-THON in early July to gather additional pledges, please feel free to call the office to join in this effort. Many of you may recall my Yizkor Appeal Speech several years ago when I talked about the favorite member of the Shul, the guy who gets it all done, the person who serves on committees, the leader of the congregation….Who is he???? …….. of course, he’s THE OTHER GUY. Well, this year may it be my prayer for each of you to look deep into your soul and recognize the time has come, YOU have it within you to be that OTHER GUY.

A special thank you to the members who have already committed to this important project. Please be safe and well, and understand just how much we appreciate your continued support of the Shul.

Jay B. Umansky
Chair, Special Gifts Campaign

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