Terror In Israel – More Ways to Help

It is truly beautiful that so many of you feel the pain of our brothers and sisters and want to help in a most meaningful way. Many of you are looking to give your hard earned money to Tzedaka causes in Israel to help shoulder the massive burden. There are countless wonderful causes and organizations that can use desperately needed funds.

Here are a few suggested places to donate yourTzedaka money. This list is in no way comprehensive, and in no way is an indictment of any other organization.

  1. Friends of the IDF: www.fidf.org/Israelunderattack
  2. The Chesed Fund- United Hatzalah: https://thechesedfund.com/unitedhatzalahofisrael/israelisatwar
  3. Magen David Adom: https://afmda.org/donate/
  4. Shaving Israel:www.shavingisrael.org
  5. Yad Eliezer:https://www.charidy.com/YadEliezer?utm_source=YWN&utm_medium=article
  6. Just One Chesed:https://justonechesed.org/aid4israel/

In the merit of the great Mitzva of Tzedaka, may Hashem have mercy on Am Yisrael, bring healing to the wounded, comfort to the bereaved, protect our brave chayalim, and return the captives home.

Rabbi Chaim Bogopulsky

Here are some suggested places to donate:

Magen David Adom

Online: https://afmda.org/donate/

Mailing a check:

American Friends of Magen David Adom
20 West 36th Street, Suite 1100
New York, NY 10018

Call: 866-632-2763

United Hatzalah:

Online: https://israelrescue.org/

3. Friends of the IDF:

Online: https://www.fidf.org/

Mailing a check:

“Friends of the Israel Defense Forces”
PO Box 4224 NY, NY 10163 USA.

Call: 1-888-318-3433

4. Shaving Israel:

Online: https://www.shavingisrael.org

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/shavingisrael/

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