The Four Questions – Bruce Waxman

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, please allow us to introduce:


Bruce is a 2nd Generation NHBZ member. He and his brother, Brent, celebrated their Bar
Mitzvah at Nusach Hari in 1970 and the Waxman family rejoined the Nusach Hari community
about 10 years ago. Bruce just celebrated 30 years in business with his accounting/consulting
firm Waxman Associates. Married to Faith for 39 years, they have three daughters and sons-inlaw,
four grandsons and another grandbaby due in May. (Sound familiar? Yes, folks, he’s
Gavriel Matt’s father-in-law!). Bruce spends his leisure time with family, reading and bike riding.

The Questions:

  1. Who is your favorite Torah personality and why?
    A. “There are many of course, but I have always reflected on the inner strength of Nachshon ben Aminadav. At the splitting of the sea, Nachshon was the first to jump into the sea when everyone else paused. Here is a portrait of a man whose quiet action reflected great devotion, faith and bravery.”
  2. What is your favorite snack food?
    A: “Chips”
  3. Three words that best describe you?
    A: “Easygoing, motivated, and dedicated”
  4. What inspires you?
    A: “I am inspired by my wife, Faith and I am inspired every day by my three daughters,
    my sons-in-law, and especially my grandchildren. During the depths of the pandemic, I
    was inspired daily by joining Rabbi Smason’s morning class at 8:15am via phone and

Thank you, Bruce! Great getting a glimpse into your growing family! Who is up next?

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