Updating Mishabayrach Lists

In advance of Pesach, are preparing a new Mishabayrach list for the Cholim (those who are not well). Even if you provided a name in the past, please resubmit the information now. We are making a new list.

To request someone’s name be added to the prayer list, provide the following:

  • Person’s English name and Hebrew name (including the mother’s Hebrew name, which we use when praying for healing)
  • Whether you want the English name read aloud or kept confidential
  • Whether you request the name be read for 30 days or indefinitely (we will be revising the list at least every 6 months)
  • Name of person making the prayer request

Use this form or email the information to the Office (office@nhbz.org) or call 314-991-2100.

It is customary to make a donation when requesting Mishabayrach prayers.
Donations may be made through our website or by contacting the Office.

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