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Rabbi Smason

Rabbi Ze’ev Smason is the spiritual leader of Nusach Hari B’nai Zion. Raised in Los Angeles, Rabbi Smason graduated from UCLA with a degree in Political Science. He then pursued rabbinical studies for 8 years in Jerusalem, receiving ordination from Rabbi Noach Weinberg and Rabbi Avrohom Kupshitz. Continuing post-graduate studies while lecturing there on Torah, Philosophy, Ethics, and Current Issues.

From 1988-97 Rabbi Smason was associate director of Aish HaTorah Center of Jewish Studies of St. Louis; from January 1998, through June 1999, he served as Associate Rabbi and Family Educator of Nusach Hari B’nai Zion before being chosen by the membership to assume the pulpit of the synagogue. An eleven-year member of the RCA, Rabbi Smason was elected to the RCA’s Executive Committee in 2010.

Rabbi Smason has developed a wide range of original classes and programs that have been popularly received by Jews of all educational and religious backgrounds. “I don’t know many Jews who, when asked, state that they would like to become Orthodox,” Rabbi Smason says. “I do know many Jews, however, who want to grow and to become better Jews. Such people will be met with a very warm welcome at Nusach Hari B’nai Zion.”

Having been raised in a loving home with positive Jewish values, but not traditionally observant, Rabbi Smason relates well to the issues and concerns of secular and unaffiliated Jews who desire to learn more about their heritage but are unfamiliar with many practices and rituals of traditional Judaism. “Jewish education in the past emphasized the ‘what’ but neglected the ‘why.’ Our programs at Nusach Hari B’nai Zion, for both members and non-members, will help them fill that missing gap,” Rabbi Smason says.

When newly installed as a rabbi, Home Study Groups, Weekly Learning Sessions, Shabbat, and Holiday Learners’ Services were among the first tier of new programs introduced to the congregation. In partnership with other congregational members sharing Rabbi Smason’s vision of Nusach Hari B’nai Zion as a true ‘Outreach Shul,’ the volume of new creative programming has recently increased at a dizzying pace. Synaplex Shabbat, Rabbi-Ride-Around, Kosher Chili Cook-Off, and a Community Pizza Cafe are just some of the newer offerings at the synagogue. Rabbi Smason’s thoughtful weekly column Beyond Twelve Gates is featured on The Foundation Stone, Jewish in St.Louis, and distributed by email to over 1000 readers.

Despite the economic turndown and unfortunate trends of downsizing and disappearing synagogues, Nusach Hari Bnai Zion broke ground in July of 2010 on the site of its new building, which opened in the Fall of 2011. Rabbi Smason, who has been active in fundraising and planning for the new facility, says, ‘our goal is the creation of a new Kehilah; not simply building another synagogue, as worthy as that goal might be.”

Rabbi Smason is married to Chani Siegel from Chicago. They have been blessed with 9 children and 4 grandchildren.

Read his sermons and writings at BEYOND 12 GATES.

You may contact Rabbi Smason by clicking here.