Celebrate Tu BiShvat – the original Earth Day!

Do good for the earth! Donate to support forestry and green innovation efforts and plant trees in Israel! 

Jewish National Fund-USA has planted over 260 million trees in Israel. While this is an impressive achievement, there is always a need for more due to natural forest regrowth, forest fires, and arson. We encourage you to donate now. 

Donating through this school page will also enable us to win funding for our Israel programming. Let’s be one of the top three schools that raises the most money so we can get a grant for future programs!

Please donate and share this amazing opportunity to help our school and do good for the earth with your family and friends./

Planting Trees

Planting trees in Israel is a great way for your students and their families to catch the Tu BiShvat spirit! Please encourage your school families and extended communities to plant trees in Israel; a great birthday present to Israel and our planet. Schools that sell the most trees will receive cash prizes.

Our site is https://my.jnf.org/tu-bishvat-schools/Member/MyPage/6133949/Nusach-Hari-Bnai-Zion-MO

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