Four Questions – Boris Yasinev


Please allow us to introduce:


From Babrusk, Belarus, Boris and his lovely wife, Alla, will celebrate 40 years of marriage this June. They came to St. Louis with two children (Dennis and Alex), and two more were born here (Daniella and Jonathan), as were three grandchildren. Boris serves the greater St. Louis Orthodox community as a full-time Mashgiach with the Vaad. He LOVES his job! When not working, Boris is studying Torah and following HaYom Yom.

The Questions:

1. Who is your favorite Torah personality and why?
A: “Dovid. He was the first of our nation. He always thought of and cared for old
people and his actions were extremely nice!”

2. What is your favorite snack food?

3. Three words that best describe you?
A: “Determined. Passionate. Devout.”

4. What inspires you?
A: “My wife, my kids and Shabbat.”

Thank you, Boris!

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